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When a DIY renovation is not the best option, Dr. Dan has other options for you to consider.
First Option:  "Consult the Expert" 
There are going to be couples that take on their Relationship Renovation as a DIY, but realize at some point they took on more than they can handle on their own. Dr. Dan has the One session, 30 minute "Consult the Expert" option. This is a secure Live Video Chat, with Dr. Dan, and both individuals involved with the Relationship Renovation. This option is a one time cost of $125. (this option can be purchased as many times as necessary to insure the success of your renovation.)
Second Option:   "Foreman"
Some couples like the challenge of doing things themselves, but would like to have the reassurance that comes with an expert overseeing the project. This the "Foreman" option, where Dr. Dan acts as the foreman of your Relationship Renovation, which includes, all of the materials from the RRB DIY program plus, three, 30 minute secure Live Video Chat sessons with the couple during the course of the project. This type of involvement from Dr. Dan, allows him to make suggestions as far as what to do between sessions and when to schedule the next session. This option is a total cost of $360.
Third Option:   "Guide Us"
Some couples know better than to even try a Relationship Renovation on their own, and they want Dr. Dan to guide them every step of the way. This is the "Guide Us" option, which includes, all of the materials from the RRB DIY program, plus six, 30 minute Live Video Chat session with Dr. Dan. Whether you're at the "make it or break it" point of your relationship, or you just want your very best option for success, this option is for you. This option is a one time up front cost of $690, and the "Guide Us" program includes 6 session over the course of the 6 unit program.
If you're interested in purchasing one of the above options, please contact us through the "Contact Us" page and we will instruct you regarding how to make your payment. Once payment is confirmed Dr. Dan will contact you to schedule your secure Live Video Chat session/s.
**Dr. Dan's clinical practice at MMHC is his priority and therefore only works with 8 couples at a time. If you would like to schedule a time to Video Chat with Dr. Dan, please contact him through the "Contact Us" page.
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