Marriage and Relationship Coach Dr. Dan Thomason Relationship Renovation Blueprint (RRB)
 Marriage and Relationship Coach         Dr. Dan Thomason  Relationship Renovation Blueprint (RRB)


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Dr Dan Thomason has been helping couples with their relationships for 26 years. Over these years he has recieved training from industry leaders, completed his doctoral dissertation on the subject of marital therapy, published writings on the subject, and now he has pulled together the best of all approaches, and created the Relationship Renovation Blueprint.
The Relationship Renovation Blueprint program, defines "Relationship" as any couple in a committed long-term, primary/ romantic relationship. It is not to be confused with other family, community or work relationships. If you are in a commited long-term relationship and want it to become the best it can be, than you are in the right place!
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About Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan is currently married with 4 children living in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area in Minnesota. He has a full-time clinical practice at Minnesota Mental Health Clinic, at the Woodbury and Eagan locations.


The Relationship Renovation Blueprint brings all of Dr. Dan's experience and expertise together into one 6 unit, self paced, remodel. You will identify your own, and your partners, Relationship Desires and how to meet them on a daily basis. You will learn the different ways that people show and Express Love, and become an expert at showing your love for your partner on a regular basis. In addition you will learn: Problem-Solving Conversation Skills, What triggers, and how to resolve Conflict, How to reduce conflict, How to navigate a Negotiation, with different types of Compromise, and Much More!!

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